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QLF's Agronomy programs supplies complex carbon-based products designed to positively impact soil biology and enhance nutrient availability.

  1. More Yield Potential

    QLF L-CBF products get more out of your fertilizer chemistry by working with biology. L-CBF is a combination of balanced crop nutrients with complex carbon sources. Versatile, convenient, cost effective and proven return-on-investment. L-CBF uses a safer approach to driving yields and improving fertilizer performance while benefiting soil health. Nitrogen Side-Dress Corn Trials, Precision Ag, Clarion, IA, Foliar Soybean Trial, Precision Ag, Clarion, IA, Corn In-Furrow & Foliar Study, SGS Research North America, Wyoming, IL & Murdock, MN

  2. Foliar Feeding

    QLF L-CBF products work as an excellent tank partner for feeding crop nutrients foliar and is compatible with most pesticide applications. Farmer tested and wind-tunnel validated, QLF L-CBF has demonstrated ability to stay on target and reduce drift. Feeding the plant a QLF L-CBF through foliar application reduces stress and physical injuries by softening chemistry and buffering out harsh salts while improving intake of nutrients and chemistry. Drift Control Wind Tunnel Study, University of Nebraska, North Platte, NE , Foliar Soybean Trial, Precision Ag, Clarion, IA, L-CBF Amino15 Foliar Trial, Elite Research, Aurora, NE

  3. Better Starts

    QLF L-CBF products promote early plant growth development for uniform emergence and higher yield potential. With more roots and biological activity around the rhizosphere, L-CBF products stimulate soil microbes to ensure more delivery of nutrients to the plant. Unique balance of nutrients and a rich source of carbon fosters the relationship between plants and beneficial organisms such as mycorrhizae fungi and rhizobia bacteria. In Furrow Corn Trials, University of Illinois, Yield & Growth Corn Trial, SGS Research North America, Wyoming, IL

  4. Quality Forage

    QLF L-CBF products raises the bar on plant health and performance. While pushing for quantity you can also achieve forage quality. Studies show significant differences in yield and digestibility tests, creating bigger spreads on NDFd and uNDF more consistently between fields and crops. QLF L-CBF from start to finish can be implemented to improve quality forage for corn silage and forage crops. Alfalfa Performance, Alfalfa in Wisconsin, In Furrow Corn Silage Trial, Muleshoe, TX)

  5. Nitrogen Use Efficiency

    QLF L-CBF products extend the life cycle of your applied nitrogen, working with your nitrogen cycles to retain and recover more of each unit and dollar invested. L-CBF products deliver an energy BOOST and improves environmental stability, formulating with properties that enhance biological functions and utilizing lower pH. QLF L-CBF both buffers salts and reduces ammonia loss from volatility, encouraging consumption by biology to reduce upward and downward movement of liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen Side-Dress Corn Trials, Precision Ag, Clarion, IA, Corn Nitrogen Use Efficient & Nitrate Leaching Study, Multi-Year Nitrogen Trial 

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Liquid Carbon Based Fertilizers


L-CBF 7-21-3 MKP Starter

L-CBF 7N-21P-3K contains a unique orthophosphate source formulated in a lower pH blend. MKP (monopotassium phosphate) is a very concentrated technical-grade fertilizer that effectively delivers plant available nutrients from the start.

L-CBF BOOST 4-0-3-2S Concentrate

L-CBF BOOST 4N-0P-3K-2S is a concentrated source of available carbon in a low pH chemistry package used to complement other fertilizer products and programs, improving liquid fertilizer performance and soil nutrient use efficiencies. It is also compatible with most other liquid fertilizers as a cost-effective tank partner and is utilized in multiple pesticide applications limiting losses to drift.

L-CBF Amino 15-0-1 Foliar Nitrogen

L-CBF Amino 15N-0P-1K-0.5S delivers safe and efficient foliar nitrogen from top-tier sources, Urea and Amino Acid. Plant nitrogen uptake with L-form Amino Acids are energetically advantageous, utilizing and assimilating with no additional energy consumption.

L-CBF 5-5-5-1S MKP Foliar

L-CBF 5N-5P-5K-1S Foliar provides a base-balanced blend of unique sources of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Sulfur packaged with a source of complex carbon to aid in the utilization of nutrients essential for plant growth development and health.

L-CBF TerraFed

L-CBF TerraFed 1N-0P-3K contains natural forms of Nitrogen, Potassium, Micronutrients QLF cane molasses. Paired with biological enhancement from fermentation yeast extract and formulated with a natural chelating agent and stabilizer (Citric Acid) to improve stability and performance.  Utilizing this food source for soil microbes to trigger mineralization timing makes nutrients more plant available and promotes crop performance.


Natural seaweed concentrate harvested from the fast-growing giant kelp species Ecklonia Maximum off the rugged coastline of Southern Africa is known by scientists and agronomists alike, to significantly benefit crops when processed and applied using the tried and tested methods unique to Kelpak. Approved in the USA by USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) for use as an input in organic farming.

*Results may vary. Always perform a jar test before application of QLF L-CBF products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Readily available carbon is the most critical nutrient for the growth and health of soil microbe populations, as well as populations of small soil animals, all of which work symbiotically to directly support the health and productivity of the soil.

  • Available carbon content from sugar cane molasses for more Nutrient Use Efficienies
  • Rich source of plant derived macro and micro nutrients and antioxidants
  • Great carrier for supplemental nutrient fortification packages
  • Physical characteristics that facilitate soil and foliar applications
  • Readily mixes with many tank mixes
    • Natural buffering capacity protects the seed from in-furrow fertilizers
    • Naturally improves adhesion of spray applications to the plant
    • Physically reduces drift in sprayer applications
  • Consumer safe and environmentally friendly

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