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QLF’s Mill Product features contribute to making your feed products consistent, uniform and appealing to your customers and their livestock.

  1. Enhanced Appearance & Palatability

    QLF uses high-quality domestic cane molasses, which provides a consistent coating and sugar to enhance the palatability and aroma of finished feed. Vegetable-based fat utilized in QLF mill products improves coating dispersion and lubricates dry mixes, reducing bricking and caking.  Fat also provides palatable energy, enhanced appearance, and visual “crawl” of the finished feed.  Caramel flavoring utilized in QLF mill products compliments the deep, rich aroma of cane molasses to enhance palatability further.

  2. Specialized Coating Products

    A range of additives can be custom added to QLF’s mill products to help reach our customer’s specific goals.  QLF mill products are an excellent method to mix and distribute these additives evenly in finished feed conveniently.  Extended shelf life, optimized feed handling, and enhanced aroma are some of the key features offered through QLF.

  3. Quality Assured

    QLF is committed to quality ingredients and good manufacturing practices that assure our customers a high-quality, consistent product.  QLF Mill Products are manufactured to specific quality standards to enhance consistency, handling, and application.  QLF offers consistent, high-quality products that workload after load.  This allows our customer’s feed products to remain consistent, uniform, and appealing to their customers and animals.

  4. Accommodating – Versatile - Flexible

    Selecting the right mill product is dependent on a variety of parameters, the most important are temperature, humidity, and feed moisture.  QLF mill products offer a wide range of features to accommodate a variety of environmental and manufacturing conditions.  Dependent on goals for finished feeds, QLF mill products can be applied to pellets, grain mixes, show feeds, texturized feeds, sweet feeds, and custom mill blends.

  5. Technical Support

    QLF provides more than a product.  Solving problems and overcoming challenges are keys to a lasting business relationship that allows QLF to become a true partner.  QLF’s technical staff and District Sales Managers are available to support our customers.  It is essential to balance the desired appearance, application, and available handling equipment to optimize our customer’s daily feed handling.

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QLF Mill Products

QLF mill products contain key features that contribute to making feed products consistent, uniform, and appealing to livestock.  Finished feed appearance and quality are influenced by several items such as quality and composition of dry ingredients, type of coating used, equipment, weather, and desired shelf life.  Cane molasses is the highest volume ingredient in QLF mill product formulas.  QLF mill products are available in a range of dry matter percentages and fat percentages to fit the mills’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Texturized feeds tend to brick or cake in the winter. A coating product with lower total dry matter content, higher fat content, or both can alleviate these problems. How? Lowering dry matter reduces total sugar content. Caking is caused by sugar crystals forming between feed ingredients. The higher fat content alleviates bricking by better “lubricating” feedstuffs, so the feed cannot become packed like a brick under pressure.

Higher temperatures cause drying out. The solution is to do the opposite of what is suggested for winter temperatures: increase dry matter content and decrease the fat of the coating liquid. Why? Increasing the coating’s dry matter adds sugar content or molasses level assuring a texturized feed that retains moistness longer. Decreasing the fat content frees more room for the increased molasses level.

Preservatives used in QLF Feed Mill products are designed to extend the storage life of the liquid under normal storage conditions.  QLF offers an additional preservative program to aid in the preservation of finished feeds.  Contact your local QLF REPRESENTATIVE for information on the QLF preservation program and recommended inclusion rates.  To protect finished feeds, recommended inclusion levels of preservatives are dependent upon expected shelf life, grain quality, and environmental conditions.  Exact preservative inclusion is predicated on specific customer circumstances.  Consistent grain quality monitoring is recommended for optimum finished feed performance.  QLF does not warrant that the inclusion of preservatives in mill liquids added to finished feeds will maintain mold and/or yeast-free under adverse conditions.  Without following good manufacturing procedures (GMP), finished feeds may lose condition regardless of preservative level.

QLF utilizes a vegetable-based fat source within SuprCoat products.  The fat helps dispersion of SuprCoat product within finished feeds, and “lubricates” dry mixes while reducing bricking or caking.  Fat also delivers palatable energy, and appearance and enhances the visual “crawl” of the finished feeds.

Selecting the right SuprCoatTM product is dependent on a variety of parameters; most important are seasonal climatic conditions, and feed moisture.  Coating product selection needs to account for variations in environmental conditions, feed ingredient moisture, inclusion rate and desired end appearance.  It is necessary to balance desired appearance, liquid coating application, shelf life, and available handling equipment to optimize finished feed handling.

Poly tanks are recommended for most efficient storage and handling.  Concrete or steel tanks may contribute to debris which can build up in lines or pumps and affect product flow, especially in cold weather.  Tank placement and design also should give an indication of complete drainage.  Storage tanks should be emptied annually to evaluate condition and cleanliness to aid handling efficiency.

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