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QLF Transportation, Inc. was established on November 1, 1999, with its initial operations serving four QLF plants using a team of 12 drivers, 12 trucks, and 22 trailers. Over the years, the company has undergone significant growth and transformation. Today, it operates from its administrative offices in Dodgeville, WI, where a team of ten professionals manages its operations. The company has expanded its fleet to include 104 trucks and 135 trailers, supported by 90 dedicated professional drivers.

QLF Transportation quickly expanded its services, covering the entire QLF sales area and extending support to all QLF plants in less than three years. The company specializes in the delivery of liquid feed supplements, mill, and fertilizer products, emphasizing the use of a dedicated fleet to enhance quality control and customer service.

In addition to its road transport capabilities, QLF also relies on a robust logistics network, including 485 railcars and 25 barges. These assets play a crucial role in moving ingredients from suppliers to QLF manufacturing facilities.

The mission of QLF Transportation, Inc. revolves around a commitment to customer satisfaction and integrity. The company fosters teamwork and collaboration to help Quality Liquid Feeds achieve its goal of becoming the leading liquid feed company in the United States.