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QLF Agronomy Grower Testimonial – Troy & Cody Burnside; Vallonia, IN

March 15, 2024

Kirk Moyer

Regional Sales Agronomist IN, OH & KY


Kirk Moyer, QLF Agronomy RSA IN/OH/KY

In the small Hoosier town of Vallonia, Indiana, Troy and Cody Burnside, a father and son duo, have found success with QLF’s BOOST program, leading to increased yields and improved soil health. Despite their impressive success, the Burnside’s land predominantly consists of very light, sandy soil. This type of soil lacks significant organic matter and has low Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), posing a considerable challenge for farming. However, they are beginning to overcome this hurdle and make notable progress.

Troy and Cody’s success stems from incorporating a couple of gallons of BOOST into their field applications during the crop’s life cycle. BOOST not only provides a nutritional punch to the growing crop but also serves as an excellent tank mix partner for suppressing weeds, applying fungicides, or addressing other needs. Moreover, they’ve both noted how QLF’s BOOST prepares them for the next season by enhancing biological activity throughout the current season.

Cody, who will be graduating from high school in 2024, plays a crucial role alongside his father on the farm. He’s also involved in producing and harvesting fresh market green beans for local stores and nearby communities. Thanks to the benefits of BOOST, Cody has been able to cultivate healthier, better-tasting, and more uniform green beans, leading to increased demand from local markets.

Looking forward to the 2024 growing season, Troy and Cody are optimistic about expanding upon their achievements from the previous year. Despite the inevitable challenges that come with farming, they’re confident that QLF’s L-CBF Products will serve as another valuable asset in their farming practices.


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