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Leader In Manufacturing Feed Supplements and Liquid Carbon-Based Fertilizers

Quality Liquid Feeds (QLF) is a prominent nationwide company known for its innovative work in developing and manufacturing liquid feed supplements, cooked low moisture blocks for animals, and liquid carbon-based fertilizers for crop production. With over 45 years of experience, QLF is a family-owned American company that has built a strong reputation based on the principles of quality, consistency, and service.

QLF excels in various areas:

  1. Research: QLF is committed to research and innovation, continually working to improve its products and develop new solutions for animal and crop nutrition.
  2. Equipment Delivery: The company offers equipment delivery services, ensuring that customers have access to the tools they need for efficient feeding and supplementation.
  3. Supplement Expertise: QLF has a deep understanding of animal nutrition and offers expertise in formulating supplements that meet the specific nutritional needs of all ruminants.
  4. Ingredient Sourcing: QLF carefully sources high-quality ingredients for its products to ensure the best possible nutrition for animals and crops.
  5. Manufacturing Quality: The company prides itself on manufacturing top-quality products, maintaining high standards in the production process.
  6. Transportation Division: QLF has its own transportation division, which ensures reliable and efficient delivery of products to customers.
  7. Customer Service: QLF is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, with a team of office staff, field technical staff, and sales staff ready to assist customers.

QLF’s liquid feed supplements are versatile and cater to the nutritional needs of ruminants. These supplements not only enhance ration palatability but can also deliver a wide range of nutrients and additives, including vitamins and trace minerals, to dairy and beef animals.

One of the key advantages of QLF’s liquid feed supplements is their flexibility. They can be delivered directly to larger dairy and beef producers to be incorporated into Total Mixed Rations, allowing for customized solutions for individual producers. Alternatively, these supplements can be delivered free choice in lick tanks, providing animals with access to nutrition on their terms.

Overall, QLF is dedicated to advancing the field of animal and crop nutrition while maintaining a strong commitment to product quality, customer service, and innovation.