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Liquid Feed Supplements for Dairy

  1. Improves Profit Potential

    Research shows the most profitable response to feeding sugar is a total diet level of 6-8% of ration Dry Matter. QLF molasses-based liquid supplements deliver a consistent, high-quality sugar source.

  2. Benefit from Every Pound of QLF

    Because of the closed handling system, there is virtually no shrink. Reduce overall feed shrink and reduce weigh backs by using a molasses-based supplement in your TMR.

  3. Improves Milk Efficiency- More Milk, Less Feed

    Feeding molasses-based liquid supplements can improve milk efficiency. How?

    • Enhanced fiber digestion.
    • Less sorting – QLF supplements stick small diet particles to larger ones. Less sorting activity means better rumen efficiency and less feed waste.

  4. Enhances a Precision Feeding Strategy

    Nutrients and additives in QLF products are distributed evenly throughout the product, into the TMR, along the feed bunk and into the cow. QLF products are an excellent method to deliver low-inclusion additives like Rumensin®, Yeast Culture, Vitamins, Organic Trace Minerals, Biotin, etc., so each animal receives their proper dose.

  5. Improves Fiber Digestibility

    Feeding molasses-based liquid supplements at recommended levels increase fiber digestibility.

    • Allows dairy producers to maintain milk production on higher forage diets.
    • Higher forage diets lead to better rumen efficiency, production of milk with higher components, and cows with fewer health issues.
    • Sugars stimulate fiber-digesting bacteria more effectively than starch.

The Benefits of QLF At The Dairy

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Liquid Feed Supplements for Lactating Cows

Liquid Feed Supplements provide rumen-available carbohydrate, through sugars, and protein from natural and non-protein nitrogen sources. Using a liquid feed supplement in a lactation TMR to achieve optimal carbohydrate and degradable protein balance in the rumen helps enhance dry matter intake, rumen efficiency, milk, and component production.

QLF Liquid feed supplements are nutrient-dense, conveniently applied, and an ideal medium to incorporate feed additives such as ionophores, organic trace minerals, fly control, or yeast culture.

Liquid Feed Supplements for Dry Cows

Enhancing intake consistency during the dry period helps cows transition more smoothly into lactation. Liquid feed supplements are a palatable, nutritious method to enhance forage digestion and encourage dry matter intake during the dry period.  In addition, liquid supplements can deliver and distribute needed macro- and micronutrients and additives in the TMR, reducing ration separation and feeding losses.

DCAD Feed Supplements for Dry/ Prefresh Cows

Anionic supplements are valued in dry cow feeding programs to “acidify” diets and deliver negatively charged mineral anions, enhancing calcium metabolism in the transition period. Molasses-based liquid supplements offer a palatable, convenient, and precise method to deliver and distribute anions to dry cow TMR’s. Using a molasses-based liquid supplement in dry and prefresh cow TMR’s reduces sorting, lessens waste, and improves intakes of long particles to enhance the overall feeding program efficiency.

Feed Supplements for Growing Heifers

QLF’s Heifer products are formulated to provide nutrients to meet growth and efficiency goals.  QLF Heifer products deliver highly available sources of macro- and micronutrients while encouraging intake of high roughage diets by providing sugars and urea to stimulate the growth of fiber-digesting bacteria.  QLF Liquid feed supplements are nutrient-dense, conveniently applied, and an ideal medium to incorporate feed additives such as ionophores, organic trace minerals, fly control, or yeast culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

The optimal level of dietary sugar, or the “sweet spot”, is 6.75-8% (according to a recently published meta-analysis).  This will help achieve optimal rumen function, milk performance. fiber digestion, and to maximize microbial protein synthesis.

QLF can be an essential part to reducing sorting in dairy diets.  QLF supplements stick small diet particles to larger ones.  Less sorting activity means better rumen efficiency and less feed waste.

A cow’s rumen is designed to utilize sugar.  Until recently, sugar was a large portion of the dairy cow’s diet, as cattle grazed pasture forages which naturally contain sugar.  For modern TMR systems, the addition of sugar from molasses-based liquid feeds is a safe way to bring rapidly fermentable carbohydrates to the rumen.  Unlike starch, sugar does not lower the rumen pH, and keeps the rumen fermentation efficient and healthy.

QLF suspension technology allows a full complement of protein, additives, minerals and vitamins to be added to QLF liquid feeds.   A full list can be obtained from your local QLF representative.

QLF liquid supplements are a great addition for dry cow diets.  With high forage diets becoming the norm for dry cows, QLF supplements help in reducing sorting in these diets.  With QLF suspension technology, customized dry cow supplements can carry needed nutrition (minerals, vitamins and additives) for this group in a uniform package that is evenly distributed in the TMR.

With QLF suspension technology, a full complement of minerals, vitamins and additives can be supplied to heifers.  Utilizing a liquid will ensure proper distribution and delivery to heifers.  QLF supplements can enhance intake of high forage diets that are typical in heifer groups.

QLF products are designed to be fed 365 days a year without worry of freezing.  The unique combination of dry matter (55-65%), and additives allows these products to be outdoors throughout the year.

On most dairies that utilize total mixed rations (TMRs), the QLF supplement can be added directly to the TMR.  Talk to your local QLF representative for proper installation of equipment.

Whey is a milk byproduct with a dry matter of 10-30%, whereas QLF is a molasses-based liquid supplement with a dry matter of 55-65%.  The primary sugar source in whey is lactose, while sucrose is the primary sugar in QLF molasses.  Sucrose is digested by rumen bugs within 3 hours; however, lactose is digested within 9 hours, based on gas fermentation analyses.

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