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QLF’s Ignite low moisture tub supplements are specifically designed to effectively deliver nutrients needed for optimum livestock performance.

  1. Targeted Supplementation Programs

    QLF Ignite supplementation programs can improve the utilization of low-quality forage and supply additional nutrients needed to support a healthy, productive herd. QLF produces Ignite supplements that complement a full range of diets on range or pasture settings. These supplements contain readily-available energy from sugar and can be formulated to contain 20% to 40% crude protein.

  2. Increased Forage Intake & Utilization

    QLF Ignite cow/calf products are designed to enhance forage utilization by supplying a source of degradable protein and energy to support rumen fermentation critical for herd health, calf performance, and reproductive efficiency.

  3. Improve Pasture Utilization

    QLF Ignite supplements help livestock utilize unfavorable grazing areas.  Ignite supplements can be placed in underused areas of a pasture, specifically drawing cattle to these potential grazing locations.  As supplements are strategically moved during a grazing season, cattle may shift their routine travel patterns.  This reduces the likelihood of pasture overgrazing, which may be prone to erosion or weed infestation.

  4. Practical Additive Carrier

    QLF Ignite supplements can improve intake and digestion of low quality forages while also delivering select additives throughout the feed. In grazing situations, delivery of feed additives allows producers to take advantage of the benefits they offer without having to handle cattle, invest additional time and labor, or inventory additional additives.

  5. Cost Effective Supplement Choice

    Properly positioned QLF Ignite supplements can offer a positive return on their feed investment. QLF Igntie supplements deliver value, balanced nutrition, and ultimate convenience for the cow/calf producer.

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QLF offers a wide variety of tubs for all your livestock needs:


Protein Tubs QLF Ignite protein tubs can complement your available forages by providing the essential degradable protein, ensuring adequate ammonia nitrogen availability to meet the needs of rumen microbes.  QLF Ignite protein tubs range from 14% to 40% protein.

Mineral Tubs Minerals and vitamins play key roles in all livestock production areas, including reproduction, herd health, and growth performance.  QLF has an extensive range of mineral products to meet these needs.

Multi-Species & All Natural Tubs

Equine Tubs  The QLF Ignite Equine tub is a convenient and easy-to-use tub to make sure horses are getting the nutrition that is needed.   This tub consists of 4-Plex®EQ from Zinpro Performance Minerals® contains a proprietary combination of complexed Zinc, Manganese, Copper, and Cobalt.

Dairy Tubs QLF Ignite Dairy Tub lineup includes specialty formulated tubs for the dry cow (including a DCAD product) along with heifer and transition calf tubs.

Additives QLF has partnered with premier suppliers of multiple additives and many blocks are offered with Altosid – IGR, Clarifly, Availa 4, and Yeast Extract.


Frequently Asked Questions

In areas with extreme heat, place tub in the shade.  Once animals are familiar with the QLF Ignite tub, place tub away from water supply and away from where animals congregate.

Intakes will vary depending upon nutritional needs, forage quality and availability

  • Beef – Protein products: 0.8lb/hd/d
  • Beef – Mineral products: 0.5lb/hd/d
  • Depending upon the size of the animals, we recommend 15-20 head of cattle per tub
  • Provide adequate available forages and energy at all times.  Do not feed free choice to empty, energy-starved cattle or other hungry livestock.

200, 125 and 60lb plastic, non-returnable containers

  • Place one – 125# or 200# tub to every 5-7 head of horses and one – 60# tub to every 2 to 4 head of horses.  The amount of surface area to the number of horses is important.
  • Intake of these supplements will vary, depending on the quality of forages, pasture conditions and/or nutritional need.

Yes, QLF Ignite tubs have cold flow properties.   If an Ignite container is tipped or torn, the cold flow property of the molasses product will cause the supplement material to “flow” out of the container onto the ground. This is particularly the case in warmer temperatures or in direct sunlight. Therefore, it is essential to store and feed Ignite supplements in an upright position and not stack anything on top of the tubs.

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