Cory Berg
    President & CEO

    Customer Service

    Tim Kuhls
    Customer Service Specialist
    Ashley Denman
    Customer Service Specialist
    Stacey Husemann
    Customer Service Specialist
    Nick Berg
    Customer Service Specialist


    Paul Dyk
    Regional Sales & Dairy Technical Service Manager
    Pete Smith
    Central & NE WI
    Curt Lahr
    West Central, NW MN & Eastern ND
    Angie Metcalf
    Southeast MN-West Central & NW WI
    Sabrina Yanke
    Southern WI, Northern IL
    Joe Wiest
    MI, Northern IN & NW OH
    Dave Edwards
    NE OH, PA, Maryland, Delaware & Western NY
    Joe Foster
    Central & Southern OH, Southern IN, VA and W VA
    Kevin Petterson
    NW IA & SW MN
    Mike Davelaar
    East Central & SE SD
    Steve Drexler
    Central & SE IA, W Central IL
    Mark Venner
    West Central & SW IA
    Curtis Alderson
    Emmett Davis
    Central & E Central SD
    Jack Howley
    MT, NW SD & Western ND
    Mark Greer
    Regional Sales Manager - Eastern Ok & Northern AR
    Tom Scanlon
    West Central & SW MO, E Central IL
    Duell Strickler
    Western KS/Western OK
    Mike Furrh
    Central & SE TX
    Frank Stricklen
    Central OK & NE Texas
    Robert Holmes
    LA, MS, Southern AR
    Tom Bush
    Brad Grogan
    Western KS & Western OK
    Mark Hovda
    Western Regional Manager
    Paul Cupp
    Virgil Newman
    Vance Cash
    NM, Western TX
    Stanley Marshall
    Texas, New Mexico
    Randy Davis
    Business Development Manager - KY, TN, GA & FL
    Steven Lowes
    Small Block Division Sales Manager
    Steve Echelmeier
    Regional Sales Manager, Idaho
    Dick Carlson
    Kristian Rennert
    Martin Murphy
    Cory Doggett


    Sara Gabor
    VP of Marketing
    Jenny DiVall
    Marketing Assistant
    Jayde Reilly
    Content Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist


    Howard Blalock, PhD
    Vice President of Technical Services
    Lisa Davis, MS
    Dairy Product Manager
    Chelsey Saevre
    Cow/Calf Product Manager
    Steve Freeman, PhD
    Regulatory & Research Manager
    Todd Strang
    Regulatory Affairs Manager
    Trena Alt
    Technical Assistant
    Megan Shaw
    Technical Assistant - Beef
    Kary Flannery
    Technical Assistant
    Dave Lundquist
    Dairy Technical Service Manager
    Jonathan Ydstie
    Dairy Technical Services Manager
    Katie Raver
    Dairy Technical Services Manager
    John Binversie
    Dairy Technical Services Manager
    Kai Yuan
    Dairy Senior Scientist and Technical Advisor
    Scott Roskens
    Beef Business Director
    Jeff Pastoor
    Beef Consultant
    Mike Jarosz
    Technical Services
    Rachel Kenneke
    Field Technical Support


    Steve Peterson
    Equipment Manager
    Jen Rock Grunow
    Equipment Assistant
    Jim Hughey
    Equipment Technician


    Tim Chitwood
    VP of Agronomy Division
    Jordan Johnson
    Agronomy Coordinator
    Bob Shimpach
    Agronomy Advisor
    Greg Clark
    Field Research Agronomist
    Anthony Roth
    Greenhouse Manager
    Bob Jenema
    Regional Agronomy Sales Manager - MI, IN,OH
    Michael Steeke
    Regional Agronomy Sales Manager-MN, ND
    Larry Parr
    Regional Sales Agronomist WI
    Darren Danke
    Regional Agronomy Sales Manager- Illinois
    Jim Porter
    Regional Agronomy Sales Manager-NE, SD
    Mike Meier
    Regional Agronomy Sales Manager- Iowa
    Barney Cherry
    Regional Agronomy Sales Manager-Florida
    David Youngquist
    Regional Agronomy Sales Manager-WA, OR, ID


    Larry Berg
    Vice President of Ingredient Procurement and Logistics
    Kelsey Steketee
    Ingredient Purchasing Agent
    Michelle Fredrich
    Inventory Manager
    Karlie Thompson
    Rail Logistics Manager
    Derick Klingenberg
    VP of Manufacturing

    Wholesale Sales

    Randy Saini
    Procurement and Wholesale Manager
    Jennifer Ugasco
    Wholesale Office Manager/Customer Service


    Mary Kay Esser
    Vice President of Accounting
    Cheryl Hovda
    Invoicing Manager
    Linda Meylor
    Accounting Assistant
    Sandy Rickey
    Accounting Assistant
    Jennifer Ward
    Accounting Assistant
    Brent Molldrem
    Credit Manager
    Amy Cipri
    Office Manager


    Stuart Sliter
    Vice President of Transportation
    Larc Gollon
    Transportation Office Coordinator
    Tony Bunn
    Transportation Logistics Manager
    Tim Vogt
    Transportation Dispatcher
    Casey Hamilton
    Transportation Dispatcher
    Charlie King
    Transportation Maintenance Coordinator
    Jason Hentrich
    Transportation Shop Manager
    Tony Fink
    Driver Manager and Recruiting
    Jen Rock Grunow
    Transportation Office Assistant
    Jen Merrison
    Dispatch Coordinator
    Josh Watkins
    Transportation Maintenance Coordinator
    Bill Zimmerman
    Maintenance Coordinator

    Human Resources

    Amy Beth Levetzow
    Vice President of Human Resources
    Liz Webb
    Human Resources Specialist
    Cheyenne Yager
    Human Resource and Payroll Administrator
    Katrina Barnard
    Human Resource and Payroll Administrator

    IT Department

    Jim Steil
    Vice President of Information Technology
    Ben Frisbie
    Network Administrator