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Liquid Feed Supplements for Feedlot Nutritional Management

  1. Superior Suspension

    QLF calcium supplements are manufactured using Xanthan Gum to achieve maximum suspension characteristics in every batch. Suspension is important to ensure that the desired nutrients and additives are evenly distributed through the supplement ensuring each animal receives the nutrition desired with every feeding.

  2. Enhanced Precision Feeding

    QLF supplements distribute evenly throughout the bunk allowing for more precise delivery of nutrients and additives to every animal. QLF liquid supplement handling systems also allow for more accurate delivery of supplement to every batch. QLF supplements are an ideal carrier for low inclusion additives and ionophores.

  3. Complete Supplement Package

    QLF provides a complete supplement package to the feedlot that is flexible enough to balance diets with a diverse range of feedstuffs.

  4. Enhanced Diet Performance

    QLF liquid supplements promote a consistent and predictable diet throughout the bunk with reduced sorting. Reduced sorting promotes a healthy rumen environment through consistent intake of all nutrients including roughage. Reduced sorting minimizes the incidence of subacute acidosis, maximizing rumen and animal performance.

  5. Enhanced Rumen Performance

    QLF liquid supplements are a preferred urea carrier to provide valuable rumen degradable protein to the diet. Diets balanced for rumen degradable protein promote rumen microbial efficiency, maximizing dry matter intake and overall animal performance.

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Confined Cattle Product Selections

QLF offers liquid supplements formulated to complement diets for starting, backgrounding, and finishing cattle.  QLF liquid supplements provide a complete supplement package with a wide range of flexibility for additive inclusion.  QLF also offers high-inclusion products designed to enhance diet energetics, palatability, and ration consistency in a complete supplement package.  QLF supplements utilize xanthan gum suspension technology to achieve maximum suspension characteristics in every batch.

Precision Mixing to Promote Overall Diet Performance

With proper mixing, QLF supplements distribute evenly through the bunk to ensure every animal receives the nutrients and additives required at every feeding.  QLF liquid supplements tie up ration fines and enhance overall diet performance through reduced sorting and increased palatability.  Improved ration consistency and the reduction in cattle sorting make QLF liquid supplements an ideal carrier for a variety of low-inclusion nutrients and additives, such as ionophores, macro, and microminerals, and vitamins.

Enhanced Rumen Performance to Drive Animal Performance

Our focus at QLF is maximizing rumen performance to allow your cattle to get the most out of the feed delivered.  Rumen degradable protein is important to getting the most out of the rumen by promoting rumen microbial efficiency, maximizing dry matter intake, feed efficiency, and overall animal performance.  QLF liquid supplements are a preferred urea carrier to supply a consistent supply of rumen-degradable protein in every feeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtually any approved feed additive can be simply and accurately delivered to the ration via liquid supplements.

  • Rumensin
  • Bovatec
  • Cattlyst
  • HeifermaX/MGA
  • Tylan
  • Zinpro·180
  • Zinpro Availa·4
  • ClariFly
  • Micro Aid
  • Celmanax· Liquid

NO. Absolutely not. QLF feedlot products must be mixed in or top dressed on high grain rations for cattle weighing 600 pounds or more.

Yes, this is one thing that is unique about QLF products vs. the competition. We use products in Minnesota and North Dakota with minus 30 degrees or more with no pumping problems. However, do use reasonable precautions with set-up design.

Yes, but keep in mind the problem usually occurs in the line to the pump and/or in the pump. The cold air will penetrate the small areas such as the line much more quickly than the large volume of product in the storage tank.

No. Storage tanks that have been used for competitor’s product should be cleaned before putting in ours. If there is a buildup of sludge in the tank from years past, and we put a good quality feed on top of it, problems could come from feeding the sludge.

We recommend turning inventory every 60 days or less. This is more important during the summer, since the heat inside storage tanks can cause added stress on the gums that suspend the ingredients.

Load the corn first, then the liquid, and finally the roughage. This allows the liquid to be pre-mixed with the corn, which will in turn more easily mix with the roughage.

Yes. We do recommend turning inventory in a 60 day period.

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