Kenneth R. BergKenneth R. Berg founded QLF in 1977 in Dodgeville, WI. His son, Cory Berg, company president and CEO, has overseen continued growth of QLF’s market share through geographic market expansion, expanded product offering, improved technical and market services, improved distribution capability, an expanded sales force and formation of strategic supplier alliances.

QLF has grown from a primarily Midwestern marketer of liquid feed supplements to a full-line liquid feed and cooked low moisture block organization that serves the animal feeding industry nationwide. In addition, QLF manufactures and markets a premium line of products to enhance the appearance, palatability, and performance of specialized texurized feeds primarily for horses, calves and show animals. QLF also markets and distributes quality cane molasses directly to feed manufacturers.

Cory BergYears ago liquid feeds were primarily used in feed mills to increase the palatability of grain mixes. A majority of our liquid feeds are delivered direct to larger dairy and beef producers to be incorporated into Total Mixed Rations. This also offers us the ability and flexibility to design liquid feed for each individual producer.

Today in addition to being a ration palatability enhancer, liquid feeds are used to deliver a wide variety of nutrients and additives to Dairy and Beef animals.

Through our research efforts, we continue to learn that sugar functions quite differently in the rumen of dairy and beef animals when compared to starch.

Louisiana is the largest sugar cane producing state in the US. Through a unique supply agreement with SUGAR, we buy over 85% of Louisiana’s molasses production. This gives us an advantage in manufacturing consistent high quality liquid feeds.