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Banded Fertilizer Makes Big Yields

September 21, 2020
by Jordan Johnson, Agronomy Coordinator After completing 6 years of replicated data, the addition of QLF L-CBF (liquid carbon-based fertilizer) in a band has […]

America’s Got Salad & Here’s Why

September 21, 2020
by Mark Hovda, Western Regional Manager Have you ever wondered why you are able to buy fresh produce in the grocery store, even with […]

Managing Your Perennial Crops, Non-Structural Carbohydrate Needs

September 21, 2020
by David Youngquist, Regional Sales Agronomist PNW In preparation for next year’s production, perennial crops like blueberries, apples, cherries, and pears can expend most […]

Fall Weed Management

September 21, 2020
by Greg Clark, Field Research Agronomist As the harvest season is approaching quickly, you probably are not thinking of fall weed control or weed […]

Year-Round Supplementation

August 25, 2020
 Providing a balanced nutrition program for the cowherd is important to maximize herd productivity. An economically productive beef cow must: deliver a live calf […]

Understanding Your Feed Analysis Report

August 25, 2020
by Scott Derring, Beef Field Technical Support Beef cattle are more productive and efficient when fed a ration balanced based on their nutritional needs.  […]

Pen Maintenance

August 25, 2020
by Scott Roskens, Beef Business Director Many feedlot operations consider pen maintenance to be a summer event when we scrape, shape, and smooth the […]

Get the Most Out of Cover Crops

August 25, 2020
by Jeff Pastoor, Beef Technical Consultant Cover crops have continued to grow in popularity over the last 10-15 years, and they can be a […]

How Profitable is Pushing Up Feed?

August 4, 2020
 by Kai Yuan, Ph.D. PAS – QLF Dairy Senior Scientist and Technical Advisor QLF evaluated on-farm management practices on many dairy operations covering key areas […]

Preventing Milk Fever: DCAD Balancing for Prefresh Cows

August 4, 2020
by Steve Echelmeier, Regional Sales Manager, Idaho The dairy industry has suffered the consequences of milk fever in transition cows for decades, thus resulting […]
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