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Innovative Leader in the Developing & Manufacturing of Liquid Feed Supplements, Tubs and Liquid Fertilizer

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Manufacturing Liquid Feed With Proven Results for Over 45 Years.

Dairy Programs

QLF's Dairy programs can help improve profit potential, improve fiber digestibility, improve milk efficiency & enhance a precision feeding strategy.

Feedlot Programs

QLF's Feedlot programs have superior suspension, can deliver a complete supplement package, and enhance diet and rumen performance.

Pasture Programs

QLF's Pasture programs offer targeted liquid supplementation for cow-calf operators directly impacting forage utilization, productivity and herd health.

Agronomy Programs

QLF's Agronomy programs supplies complex carbon-based products designed to positively impact soil biology and enhance nutrient availability.

Swanson Feedlot  -  Pukwana, SD

“QLF has helped with the economic impact of our operation by lowering our costs of gain by helping us identify problems within our feeding operation and helping us move on from those. The quality of the product plus the support that came with it makes it a valuable part of my operation”

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Family owned with a strong commitment to supporting american farmers

Our journey began in 1977 in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, and over the years, we have steadily expanded our presence to become a nationwide provider in the agriculture industry.

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Our philosophy is to hire the right people, place them in the right spots, and let them do their job.

Our guiding principle centers on selecting the most suitable individuals, positioning them in optimal roles, and empowering them to excel in their tasks. At QLF, we firmly uphold the belief that people are the driving force behind our success. Our organization is built on a commitment to delivering high-quality products and unparalleled customer service. To achieve this, we rely on every member of our dedicated team to exhibit passion in their work. Are you ready to help feed the world?

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