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Let’s Talk Fly Control

April 26, 2024

Lisa Davis, MS

Dairy Product Manager

During the spring, summer, and fall, flies are a big concern!  On cattle, fly populations –

  • Transmit disease
  • Reduce Gains
  • Lower milk production
  • Increase energy expenditure
  • Lessen efficiency

Controlling flies is essential to maximizing cows’ warm-weather productivity!  A whole-farm approach to reducing fly populations is the most effective way to minimize the impacts of flies on milk production and growth.  The use of ClariFly feed-through larvicide, from Central Life Sciences can be a key component to a successful fly control program.  A feed-through larvicide is included daily in cattle feed and is deposited in the cow’s manure, where it affects the development of flies from eggs that have been laid in the manure.  Diflubenzuron, the active ingredient in ClariFly, prevents exoskeleton development in young face flies, stable flies, horn flies, and house flies.  As a result, immature flies do not reach breeding age and fly populations are reduced.  This is a different mode of action compared to organophosphates.  As a result, ClariFly is a unique fly control solution when organophosphate-resistant flies are a concern.

To have the greatest impact on fly populations, it is recommended to feed ClariFly daily for 30 days before the fly season starts, to 30 days after the first frost.  ClariFly feed-through larvicide is available through QLF Dairy products.  ClariFly is safe to feed to lactating cows, dry cows, and heifers.  Including ClariFly in QLF is easy!  ClariFly may be included in QLF dairy products as an add-on at the time of order.

Two items are needed to determine the amount of ClariFly to include in the QLF product:

  • Weight of the cattle. The dosage for ClariFly is dependent on body weight, so please be sure to have an approximate weight on the cattle.  Larger animals require a larger dose for the correct amount of fly control.
  • Feeding rate of the QLF. The dose of ClariFly for each cow will need to be delivered through the specific amount of QLF fed to the cows each day.

Please contact your QLF Representative for more information on delivering ClariFly through QLF Dairy products.

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