What About Alfalfa?

June 10, 2020

by Larry Parr, WI Regional Sales Agronomist

As I started my first year with QLF Agronomy, I wanted to focus my efforts on a crop that is a very important for the dairy business. Not only is alfalfa important as a feed source but it has a huge impact on out of pocket feed cost and overall profitability for dairy producers.

My goal in 2019 was to have several plots around the state with various soil conditions and application rates. Several scissor cutting samples were done across the plots for control and treated areas. Collection of data included counting and measuring stems, weighing the scissor cuttings, and sending in samples to labs for quality checks.

There were 7 plots with 5 of them having a single application with rates of 4-6 gallons of Boost and one organic plot having a single application rate of 5 gallons of TerraFed.

The plot with multiple application rates (2) had a total of 7 gallons of L-CBF BOOST applied.

Similar to corn plots, increased yield in alfalfa plots may not always be visible to the eye. This is why it is important to measure and test the alfalfa for quantity and quality.

These plots average ROI was $29.67 for the crop we harvested. But we should also consider alfalfa is not a “one and done” type crop. Alfalfa is harvested multiple times during the growing season. QLF L-CBF products improve soil biology, plant health, and enhance the plant’s ability to utilize the nutrients that are in the soil or from livestock manure or other sources.

Based on recent producer observations, L-CBF BOOST on alfalfa has long-lasting benefits to the plant and the soil which are reaped for years into the future. Contact your local QLF Agronomy Rep for more information on L-CBF BOOST and it’s application on alfalfa.

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