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QLF L-CBF BOOST & Potatoes

March 11, 2021
Boost your potato production this year with QLF L-CBF BOOST. Through our extensive 2020 potato trials, we have shown that L-CBF BOOST and L-CBF (Liquid Carbon-Based Fertilizer) products have a place on your potato planter this spring.
During the 2020 growing season, we trialed L-CBF products and potatoes in four states, looking at russets, chipper potatoes, and fresh market varieties. Across-the-board L-CBF products win. In 2020, we had two grower strip trials and four replicated trials located in Washington, Idaho, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Our goals were to obtain a comprehensive data set so we could understand why so many of our potato growers keep coming back for more L-CBF BOOST. “We wouldn’t keep buying it if it wasn’t doing something for us. A few gallons of BOOST will go a long way,“ said an anonymous large potato grower. Any time we remove 500 sacks of potatoes out of the ground, we know we’re pulling 288 pounds of potassium, but we don’t think about how much of the potato is made up of carbon. Just like with potassium, we recognize that there are several levels of availability within our soil systems. There’s total carbon exchangeable and water-soluble carbon. Similar to potassium, these availability pools become smaller and smaller as they become more available. There are often times when additionally available carbon is needed to jumpstart our systems. Planting time is an excellent time to bring L-CBF into your potato production system. We’ve seen increases in fresh market potatoes from 1/2 ton in Washington to 4 tons in Idaho. In russets, we’ve seen anywhere from 20 sacks to 100 sack improvements. On shippers, we’ve seen 80 to 100 sack improvements.


Those are some pretty awesome returns on investment. All of these treatments contain a variety of rates ranging from 3-11 gallons of L-CBF products including L-CBF BOOST and our high-quality starter 7-21-3 with LCBF technology. If you’re looking to improve your potato production system this year, 3 to 5 gallons of QLF L-CBF BOOST at planting is a must. This is especially true if you are using a microbial inoculant or any other biostimulant, as we have been showing synergies there as well. Gowers utilizing L-CBF technology at planting will notice substantially more robust root systems, earlier starts, more vigorous seedlings, and improved resilience to plant stress is later in the season.
We look forward to working with you this year on how to incorporate L-CBF BOOST into your potato program. Please see the updated potato crop recommendation sheet for further details.
Click here to see full trail details.
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