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Plymouth, IN

Homestead Dairy

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QLF Helps Me Improve My Components

Brian & Jill Houin are part owners of Homestead Dairy, located in Plymouth, IN.  Homestead Dairy is a fourth-generation family farm that milks 4900 cows at three different locations.  Technology is the name of the game at this dairy where automated calf feeders, a robotic facility, and a methane digester have been added to help improve efficiencies.   When looking at new technologies they are always looking at what it can do for the farm.  Does it help solve a problem, does it help improve cow comfort, will it help them find issues faster?

Brian started with QLF as a way to achieve high milk production and high components at the same time.

“When I implemented QLF into the diet we increased components and reduced our metabolic diseases significantly from the consistency of the product along with the lowering of the starch and overall having a safer, healthier diet for the cow .” – Brian Houin

Brian feels QLF makes a good fit into their ration and how they feed their cows.  They also implemented QLF into their robots initially to entice the cows to come into the robots.  They have observed the cows have increased their visits pretty significantly and have increased refusals.