Did You Know-Using liquid feeds can significantly reduce ration sorting and be used to uniformly deliver additives in a TMR to the cow?

April 7, 2015

A research study was conducted to, evaluate the effects of molasses based liquid feed addition to corn based TMR on dry matter intake, sorting activity, and milk and milk component production.  (May 2012 Journal of Dairy Science)
Production Results of Study
•    Cows on the liquid supplement containing TMR, produced 7.0 pounds more energy corrected milk.

•    Milk fat yield and protein yield were increased 0.28 and 0.20 pounds respectively on the liquid supplement diet.

Production Results of Study
•    All cows sorted against long particles and sorted for short and fine particles in this trial which was expected.

•    Liquid supplements markedly reduced sorting against long particles compared to cows consuming a TMR without liquid supplement.

•    Liquid supplements increased the overall palatability of the TMR.

•    Liquid supplement adhered the TMR’s small ration particles to the larger ones.

•    Cows on the liquid supplement treatment ate 69% of their expected consumption of long particles, while control cows ate only 55% of expected long particles.

Delivery of Additves
•    Nutrients and additives in QLF liquid supplements are evenly distributed throughout the product, into the TMR, along the bunk and into the cow.  QLF liquid supplements are excellent vehicles to deliver low inclusion additives like Rumensin, Yeast Culture, Organic Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, Biotin, etc., et.

•    Each animal receives the proper dose of each additive every day.

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