Did You Know – Adding sugar via a liquid supplement to a corn based diet improves milk efficiency and production?

April 7, 2015
  • A summary of 11 research trials published in the Journal of Dairy Science from 2004-2012 showed a 4.67 pound fat corrected milk response due to feeding supplemental sugar.
  • The 11 trial summary showed a 2.4 pound per day increase in dry matter intake.  Research has shown a 1.95 pound increase in fat corrected milk per pound of increased dry matter intake.
  • Adding sugar to the diet increases fiber digestibility.  In a 9 trial summary of dairy cows and steers fed a corn based diet, feeding supplemental sugar improved NDF digestibility by 8.1% and improved ADF digestibility 7.4%
  • Adding sugar to corn based diets improves milk income.  NDF digestibility was increased 5.3 units on 6 of 9 trials.  This increase in NDF digestion should increase fat corrected milk yield by 2.9 pounds.  At a milk price of $19/cwt., milk income will increase by 55 cents per cow per day
  • Dairy experts across the country are now recommending 6-8% sugar in the diet

    To find out more about the 11 trial summary click here

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