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QLF Liquid DCAD: The Next Step in Prefresh Nutrition

Anionic supplements are valued in dry cow feeding programs to “acidify” diets and deliver negatively charged mineral anions, enhancing calcium metabolism in the transition period. Improved calcium metabolism can help increase dry matter intake and milk production post-calving.  Also, the incidence of milk fever and udder edema may be reduced when anionic dry cow diets are fed.

While dry anionic supplements offer key benefits for dry cow feeding programs, they also present disadvantages such as low palatability, separation from coarse rations, shrinkage, inefficient handling, and economic concerns.

Molasses-based liquid supplements provide a convenient and palatable method to deliver chloride anion to dry cow diets, effectively distributing nutrients throughout the ration. Stored in closed systems, they minimize shrink and ensure precise nutrient delivery, reducing sorting, waste, and improving intake of long particles for consistent nutrient consumption and diet efficiency. They have unique characteristics due to high levels of anionic ingredients, requiring daily recirculation and inventory turnover within 60 days. For optimal handling, use the “QLF 365 Handling System”.


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