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Sweeten Your Aerial Applications with QLF’s Liquid Carbon Based Fertilizers

June 20, 2023

Jim Porter

Regional Agronomy Sales Manager-NE, SD


Jim Porter, QLF Agronomy Regional Sales Agronomist Nebraska & South Dakota

Now that the crops are in the ground, emerged, and growing, it’s time to turn our focus and attention toward possible foliar applications of fertilizers and crop protection.  One of the quickest and most efficient ways of applying foliar fertilizers is through an airplane or helicopter as an aerial application.  Aerial applications are a great way to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time, limit physical damage to the crop that ground sprayers can often cause, and still receive excellent coverage and canopy penetration.  However, there are also some challenges to aerial applications. The volume of application is generally limited in the range of 2 to 5 gallons per acre, making it very difficult to administer significant levels of nutrients. Also, limitations for coverage can be tricky due losses from drift, resulting in poor product coverage and canopy penetration.

QLF Agronomy has products in its portfolio that address many of these concerns when partnering with aerial applications to address your crop’s needs. Two main products with unique features and multiple benefits are L-CBF BOOST and L-CBF Amino15. 

L-CBF BOOST carries an analysis of 4-0-3-2s and 30% of its volume is comprised of sugar in the form of raw, undegraded plant sugar from sugar cane molasses.  In every gallon of L-CBF BOOST you are receiving over 3.3 pounds of dissolved sugar!  This carbon source provides energy available to both the crop as a soil-applied product and or via foliar-applied, making L-CBF BOOST the perfect tank mix partner for nearly any crop at any point in the growing season.  Its versatility and proven benefits is why nationwide adoption and usage of L-CBF BOOST is growing and surpassing several million acres of coverage.

Luke and Allison Johnson, owners of Mid-State Aviation in Cozad, NE, have been applying L-CBF BOOST through their air tractors for +3 years now.  “I love the way L-CBF BOOST lays the product down in the field!  I know when I spray with L-CBF BOOST, the products that are being tank mixed and applied with it are getting where they need to go.” says pilot Luke Johnson.

A very common rate of application for Mid-State Aviation is:

1 gallon of L-CBF BOOST + 1 gallon of water + whatever pesticide and/or micronutrients are needed.

L-CBF AMINO15 is a foliar nitrogen version of BOOST used primarily in crops like Corn and Wheat, but not limited to many specialty crops because of the safe and versatile nitrogen forms.  This foliar blend is built around a package of specific L-Amino Acid Nitrogen, Urea solution, and BOOST.  Amino15 delivers an analysis of 15N -0P -1K – 0.5 Sulfur.  At a concentration of 10% TSI (Total Sugars as Invert) and a total weight per gallon of 10 pounds, each supply 1 pound of sugar in solution with 1.  pounds of clean effective nitrogen.  The L-form of Amino Acids used in Amino15 is 100% available to the crop and doesn’t require any energy from the plant to consume and metabolize the nitrogen into plant protein. This complete package and carbon-based fertilizer blend will provide your crop with immediate and lasting positive impacts.  Common rates for Amino15 are between a range from 2 to 5 gallons per acre.  Amino15 can be applied aerially as a stand-alone product or mixed with water.

Aerial applicators across the country have applied QLF’s Amino15 in many combinations:

2 gallons of Amino15 + whatever pesticide and/or micronutrients are needed

2 gallons of Amino15 + 1 gallon of water + whatever pesticide and/or micronutrients are needed

3, 4, and 5 gallons of Amino 15 + whatever pesticide and/or micronutrients are needed

When crops like corn are struggling to green up and take off, under tough environmental conditions, during early growth stages V4-V5, a shot of Amino15 can provide the jolt needed to green the plant back up, stimulate growth and energize the rhizosphere through increased root exudates.  Small foliar applications around the V10 growth stage can kick-start plant health and better prepare the plant for its reproductive phase.  Testing and trials completed have shown a positive yield response and ROI in applications at either V4 or V10.  Additionally, an easy ROI from multiple passes combining both V4 + V10 applications were consistent with expected results.

Contact your local QLF Agronomy RSA for details about aerial applications and potential aerial applicators in your area that are applying L-CBF BOOST and AMINO15!

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