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QLF TMR Heifer Program: 400lbs to Calving

April 14, 2021

Economics and performance is an important factor in feed selection and TMR management for older heifers. QLF Heifer products fit well into a balanced feeding program and provide valuable benefits to maximize TMR Utilization:

Stretching Forages with Palatable TMR’s Feeds such as cornstalks, soybean stubble, or low-quality hay fit well economically in many heifer diets. However, they can also have high levels of waste, due to low digestibility and TMR sorting. Using a QLF liquid supplement improves nutrient utilization from these lesser quality feeds. Urea and sugars from QLF Heifer products enhance digestion of low-quality forages to increase rumen efficiency, VFA, and microbial protein production. These feeds can supply valuable energy and metabolizable protein to heifers, helping fuel desired growth and development.

Suspension Technology from QLF allows delivery of protein, calcium, minerals, vitamins, and additives through a QLF liquid supplement without ration separation. Dry, powdered ingredients such as minerals are typically unpalatable. Also, minerals can separate easily from coarse forages and by-products used in heifer diets, increasing TMR variability and shrink losses. QLF Heifer products provide a convenient, palatable method to deliver urea, micronutrients & additives.

Precision Feeding Micronutrients and ionophores are needed in small, but precise amounts for heifer diets. Correct dosage is essential to achieve desired nutrition and growth efficiencies while preventing waste. Closed storage and accurate weigh/metering equipment precisely deliver the correct amount of QLF supplement to the TMR without shrink. Nutrients &additives in QLF products are distributed evenly throughout the product and into the TMR, ensuring that each heifer receives her proper dose.

Flexibility and Simplicity Nutrient levels in QLF Heifer products are designed to allow feeding one product from 400 lbs to calving; feeding rate is adjusted as heifers grow. This helps simplify feeding programs and maximizes ration consistency. QLF offers products to fit into heifer diets based on grain or legume silages, high fiber forages, and by-products. If needed, customization is available. QLF Dairy Heifer products may be fed in limit-fed TMR scenarios.

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