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Performance is Everything at the Redd Ranches

May 17, 2024

Chelsey Saevre, MS PAS

Regional Sales Manager, ID, CO, MT

The Redd family own and manage the Redd Ranches near Paradox, Colorado, where approximately 200 high quality low PAP bulls are fed, developed and tested for growth, performance and fertility.  The Redd Family have owned the operation for over 100 years and specialize in producing superior Red Angus, Black Angus and SimAngus bulls that have the ability to perform at high elevation. 

The Redd bull calves are raised on rough, high desert summer range (over 8,500 ft elevation).  In latter October, these bulls are weaned and brought to the Redd feedlot near Paradox, Colorado.  These low PAP bulls are grown over the winter, preparing them for sale in April.  The bulls are fed a minimal ration including rough feeder hay, corn and a superior liquid feed supplement provided by Quality Liquid Feeds (QLF).  The QLF liquid supplement is an important part of their nutrition program providing needed protein, trace minerals and vitamins needed to develop superior genetics that will perform.  During a visit at the Redd Ranches in April, they mentioned, “QLF has been the difference for us.  It has allowed us to maximize our genetic potential and offer a high quality set of bulls for our customers.”  When asked about the performance of the bulls, their response was, “Our bulls have looked the best they’ve ever looked.  With the inclusion of QLF, we have noticed a dramatic improvement in hoof integrity, quality of hair coat and improvement in fertility testing.  Not one bull failed (the breeding soundness exam) this spring.”

The Redds experience with QLF goes beyond the bulls in the feedlot.  They have also fed QLF free choice liquid feed to their cowherd for over 20 years.  This liquid is delivered and serviced in lick tanks by a long time QLF dealer, Geisinger Liquid Service.  The Redd cows graze rough, high desert range during the summer and winter months.  In late November, cows come off BLM ground to graze private ground and crop residue.  An advantage noticed with supplementing QLF to the cowherd has been an improvement in cow body condition and reproductive performance.  “We have had no retained placentas, saw a reduction in calf scours and calf vigor has greatly improved since we began supplementing with QLF. Our cows breed back sooner and we have improved our conception rates by over 10%.”

For QLF and Redd Ranches, cattle performance and customer satisfaction is everything.  Thank you to the Redd Family and team, for your business and for sharing your success. We hope this information can benefit other producers in the business.

Be sure to mark your calendars for their annual bull sale held the second Saturday every April at the ranch near Paradox, Colorado.  In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about Redd Ranches you can visit their website at or call Brian at 970-417-3295.


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