Mid-Gestation: Building the Power

December 2, 2020
by Chelsey Saevre, Cow/Calf Field Tech Support Beef production in the U.S. continues to face several challenges, of which, feed cost represents the largest […]

Body Condition Score Guide

December 2, 2020
by Chelsey Saevre, Cow/Calf Field Tech Support When should I body condition score my herd? Body condition scoring is an effective management tool for […]

Consistency is Key

November 5, 2020
by Rachel Kenneke, Field Technical Support One of the nation’s largest financial corporations has coined the slogan “What’s in Your Wallet?”. As dairy farmers, […]

Webinar Summary: Strategies to Improve Milk Protein

November 5, 2020
by Kai Yuan PhD, Senior Technical Advisor *Summary of Dr. Mike Van Amburgh’s webinar on strategies to improve milk protein The value of milk protein […]

Cold Weather Reminders!

November 5, 2020
by Lisa Davis, Dairy Product Manager Did you know that QLF Molasses-based liquid feeds can be successfully fed 365 days per year, even in […]

Banded Fertilizer Makes Big Yields

September 21, 2020
by Jordan Johnson, Agronomy Coordinator After completing 6 years of replicated data, the addition of QLF L-CBF (liquid carbon-based fertilizer) in a band has […]

America’s Got Salad & Here’s Why

September 21, 2020
by Mark Hovda, Western Regional Manager Have you ever wondered why you are able to buy fresh produce in the grocery store, even with […]

Managing Your Perennial Crops, Non-Structural Carbohydrate Needs

September 21, 2020
by David Youngquist, Regional Sales Agronomist PNW In preparation for next year’s production, perennial crops like blueberries, apples, cherries, and pears can expend most […]

Fall Weed Management

September 21, 2020
by Greg Clark, Field Research Agronomist As the harvest season is approaching quickly, you probably are not thinking of fall weed control or weed […]

Year-Round Supplementation

August 25, 2020
 Providing a balanced nutrition program for the cowherd is important to maximize herd productivity. An economically productive beef cow must: deliver a live calf […]
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