Things to Know Before the Sprayer Hits the Field to Lead to a Successful Spray Season

June 10, 2020
by Shannon Schumacher, IL Regional Sales Agronomist Some growers know first-hand the disappointment of getting out to the field, excited to start spraying, and […]

Diversify Your Nitrogen Program—Foliar applied Nitrogen with an Amino Acid BOOST!

June 10, 2020
by Tim Chitwood, VP of Agronomy QLF Agronomy has demonstrated the advantages of taking a carbon-based approach to managing and improving NUE (Nitrogen Use […]

Drinking Water for Feedlot Cattle

May 12, 2020
by Scott Deering, Technical Services Even though water is considered one of the most important nutrients in cattle diets it can often be overlooked. […]

Grass Quantity VS Quality

May 12, 2020
by Caleb Weiss, Cow/Calf Product Manager Forage quantity and quality often drive the need to provide supplemental feeds to meet a grazing animal’s requirements […]

The Ruminal Power of Butyrate

May 12, 2020
by Howard Blalock, VP of Technical Services Butyrate is one of the main 3 volatile fatty acids (VFA) produced during rumen fermentation of feed.  […]

Does Supplemental Fat Influence Reproduction?

May 12, 2020
by Chelsey Saevre, Cow/Calf Field Technical Support and Mike Jarosz, Technical Services Reproductive performance is the largest determinant of income in a cow/calf enterprise.  […]

Warmer Weather is Coming!

April 20, 2020
by Lisa Davis, Dairy Product Manager Summer is coming!  The arrival of warmer weather brings a new growing season and the opportunity to produce […]

QLF as an alternative feed source to cope with distiller’s grain shortage

April 17, 2020
by Kai Yuan, Dairy Senior Scientist Crude oil price have crashed by 50%, sending huge shock waves to US oil and ethanol market. Consequently, […]

5 Keys to Transition Success

April 17, 2020
by Katie Raver, Dairy Technical Services Manager Feed bunk management We all know that making sure feed is available to cows 24/7 is important […]

Bundling QLF Feed & Agronomy to Increase ROI on Your Farm

April 17, 2020
by Jayde Reilly, Content Marketing & Design Specialist The soil is a lot like a cow’s stomach. While the bugs in the rumen stimulate […]
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