Cold Weather Reminders……

November 2, 2021
Did you know that QLF Molasses-based liquid feeds can be successfully fed 365 days per year, even in the cold weather?  While product flow […]

Summary of Dr. Bill Weiss’s webinar “Estimating energy supply and requirements of dairy cows”

November 2, 2021
Kai Yuan PhD, Senior Technical Advisor Energy supply and utilization is key to the lactation performance of dairy cows. In a recent Hoard’s Dairyman […]

Getting Corn Off to a Good Start

October 7, 2021
by Greg Clark, Field Researcher Nitrogen [N] is the utmost frequently utilized nutrient and one of the truly valuable inputs in corn production. In […]

Residue Management – Turning Trash into Cash!

October 7, 2021
by Jim Porter, Regional Sales Agronomist NE Residues left behind after harvest can provide many benefits: Reduced erosion of the soil from wind and […]

Evaluate Your Season Long Decisions

October 7, 2021
by Mike Meier, Regional Sales Agronomist IA Mother Nature always seems to keep things interesting.  This season was not that different from most when […]

Arizona Alfalfa Production Takes Carbon Based Approach

October 7, 2021
by Dr. Jon Chernicky, Agronomy Field Technical Support Arizona produces the highest yield of alfalfa hay per acre than anywhere in the United States.  […]

What are the costs of added days on feed

August 20, 2021
by Jeff Pastoor, Beef Technical Consultant Most cattle feeders know that feeding cattle for longer days comes with added expenses. It is common for […]

Starting Cattle Management: Nutrition and Health

August 20, 2021
by Howard Blalock, Ph.D., VP of Technical Services The first 21 days in the feedlot is undoubtedly the most critical time of feeding cattle.  […]

Strategies to Combat Drought

August 20, 2021
by Caleb Weiss, Ph.D., Pasture Feeds and Tub Manager Drought conditions are inevitable in most locations and can create challenges for many cattle producers. […]

Organic Corn Benefits From 2nd Pass

June 28, 2021
by Larry Parr, Regional Sales Agronomist (WI) One pass at the start of a crop’s life can easily carry to yield, but can we […]
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