L-CBF Recommendations & Seed Corn

December 22, 2020
by Kirk Moyer, Regional Sales Agronomist (MI, IN) Corn’s corn! Or is it? Producing seed corn is a little more difficult than one would […]

Molasses 101

December 22, 2020
by Anthony Roth, Agronomy Research Center Greenhouse Manager Molasses is a brown, viscous liquid derived from sugarcane. Sugarcane was introduced to New Orleans, Louisiana in […]

Handling L-CBF Products Through the Winter Months

December 22, 2020
by Jim Porter, Jr., Regional Sales Agronomist (NE, SD) As Old Man winter begins to rear his ugly head, it is important to remind […]

Swanson Feedlot | Pukwana, SD

December 2, 2020
by Jayde Reilly, Content Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist Dale Swanson has been feeding cattle for over 50 years. What was once a hog […]

Mid-Gestation: Building the Power

December 2, 2020
by Chelsey Saevre, Cow/Calf Field Tech Support Beef production in the U.S. continues to face several challenges, of which, feed cost represents the largest […]

Body Condition Score Guide

December 2, 2020
by Chelsey Saevre, Cow/Calf Field Tech Support When should I body condition score my herd? Body condition scoring is an effective management tool for […]

Consistency is Key

November 5, 2020
by Rachel Kenneke, Field Technical Support One of the nation’s largest financial corporations has coined the slogan “What’s in Your Wallet?”. As dairy farmers, […]

Webinar Summary: Strategies to Improve Milk Protein

November 5, 2020
by Kai Yuan PhD, Senior Technical Advisor *Summary of Dr. Mike Van Amburgh’s webinar on strategies to improve milk protein The value of milk protein […]

Cold Weather Reminders!

November 5, 2020
by Lisa Davis, Dairy Product Manager Did you know that QLF Molasses-based liquid feeds can be successfully fed 365 days per year, even in […]

Banded Fertilizer Makes Big Yields

September 21, 2020
by Jordan Johnson, Agronomy Coordinator After completing 6 years of replicated data, the addition of QLF L-CBF (liquid carbon-based fertilizer) in a band has […]
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