Effects of Different Starch Levels on the Performance of Fresh and Peak Cows

December 18, 2018
Summary by Kai Yuan, PhD, Senior Research & Technical Advisor A study conducted by Dr. Heather Dann from Miner Institute evaluated the effects feeding […]

How Do Dairy Cows Chew?

December 5, 2018
Summary by Kai Yuan, PhD, Senior Research and Technical Advisor In the field, we usually pay attention only to the particle size of feed […]

Is Soil Health Part of Your Fertilizer Program?

December 5, 2018
By Katie Raver, Dairy Technical Sales Manager When you think about improving forage quality, what factors come to mind? Often times its harvest season, […]

New Product Information: QLF Dairy Heifer 33 & 66

December 5, 2018
By Paul Dyk, Regional Sales Manager & Dairy Technical Sales Manager. QLF Commercial Dairy Heifer 33 and 66 products were introduced in the Fall […]

Dry Corn Silage Application

December 1, 2018
By Lisa Davis, MS – Dairy Product Manager       In some years, growing and harvest conditions result in a corn silage crop […]

Understanding Lameness in Feedlot Cattle

November 13, 2017
Howard M. Blalock, PhD. Lameness is a common problem across the cattle industry that can have significant effects on animal productivity, particularly if not […]

Starting Cattle: Focused on Health

October 17, 2017
Howard M Blalock, PhD. The importance of receiving calf management and nutrition is often overlooked even though it is probably the most important time […]

Starting Cattle Strong: Key To A Great Finish

October 17, 2017
Howard M. Blalock, PhD. The first 21 days in the feedlot is undoubtedly the most critical time of feeding cattle. Getting calves off to […]

Top 10 Tips For Starting Cattle

October 17, 2017
Long Stem Hay should be fed in the bunk for the first 12 hours. Grass hay is preferred. Put the hay in the bunk […]

Feeding QLF and NutriTek Improved Start-Up and Milk Component Yield in Transition Cows

February 9, 2017
Kai Yuan, Ph.D. PAS – QLF Dairy Technical Services Manager Stephen M. Emanuele, Ph.D. PAS – QLF Senior Scientist and Technical Advisor Joe Wiest […]
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