Implanting Strategies for the Feedlot

April 7, 2015
Implanting cattle is a high return management practice if the proper implant is used at the proper time. Using implants can increase body weights, […]

Feeding the High Producing Cow Isn’t in Your Daddy’s Shaker Box Anymore

April 7, 2015
What is the management and nutrition necessary to average 100 lbs of milk per cow per day? In 1989, a dairy producer asked where […]

Did You Know – Adding sugar via a liquid supplement to a corn based diet improves milk efficiency and production?

April 7, 2015
A summary of 11 research trials published in the Journal of Dairy Science from 2004-2012 showed a 4.67 pound fat corrected milk response due […]

Did You Know-Using liquid feeds can significantly reduce ration sorting and be used to uniformly deliver additives in a TMR to the cow?

April 7, 2015
A research study was conducted to, evaluate the effects of molasses based liquid feed addition to corn based TMR on dry matter intake, sorting […]

5 Keys to Improving Your Feed Efficiency

April 7, 2015
Are you looking for ways to improve your feed efficiency?  Find out how feeding a molasses based liquid supplement can help you achieve this. […]

Backgrounding Program Recalibrations

March 27, 2015
Robbi Pritchard, PhD Introduction Backgrounding might be done on the cheap, simply as an effort to market a low cash value feed resource. More […]

Tips for Starting Cattle on Feed

March 25, 2015
How we start the cattle on feed will affect how they perform for the remainder of the feeding period. The primary objectives for starting […]

New Hire Angie Metcalf, Quality Liquid Feeds

March 12, 2015
Angie Metcalf District Sales Manager Quality Liquid Feeds Menomonie, Wisconsin   Please describe your agricultural background. I grew up on a small family dairy […]

The Keys to Feed Bunk Management

March 12, 2015
You would think that with a good mixer wagon, computer balanced rations, ionophores, and lab analysis of your feed stuffs bunk management would be […]
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