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QLF and ADM Form Joint Venture

July 1, 2015
•    Combines QLF production and market expertise with ADM’s extensive network and global resources DODGEVILLE, WI, July 1, 2015— Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc. and […]

QLF Announces Jonathan Ydstie, QLF Dairy Technical Services Manager

May 28, 2015
Dodgeville, WI – Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc. (QLF) announces the addition of Jonathan Ydstie, as Dairy Technical Services Manager on the I-29 corridor.  Ydstie […]

QLF Announces Chris Meyer, District Sales Manager

May 27, 2015
Dodgeville, WI – Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc. (QLF) announces the addition of Chris Meyer as District Sales Manager.  Meyer will be moving from Wisconsin […]

Do you have a plan in place to combat mold in your TMR?

May 8, 2015
The high moisture content of TMR’s make them highly susceptible to rapid mold and yeast growth and then, subsequent spoilage.  The heating that occurs […]

What is the Outlook for Global Beef Demand and Supply?

April 30, 2015
Highlights from a presentation by Brett Stuart, Global AgriTrends, presented at the Iowa Cattleman’s Convention December 2014. Demand side Asia has more people than […]

Feeding Cull Cows

April 21, 2015
With the tight supply and high costs of feeder cattle, some cattle feeders are looking for other options to keep cattle in the pens.  […]

Mixer Wagons for the Cow/Calf Operation

April 7, 2015
We have long known the value of feeding a total mixed ration to feedlot cattle and to dairy cows.  In research done at South […]

Implanting Strategies for the Feedlot

April 7, 2015
Implanting cattle is a high return management practice if the proper implant is used at the proper time. Using implants can increase body weights, […]

Feeding the High Producing Cow Isn’t in Your Daddy’s Shaker Box Anymore

April 7, 2015
What is the management and nutrition necessary to average 100 lbs of milk per cow per day? In 1989, a dairy producer asked where […]

Did You Know – Adding sugar via a liquid supplement to a corn based diet improves milk efficiency and production?

April 7, 2015
A summary of 11 research trials published in the Journal of Dairy Science from 2004-2012 showed a 4.67 pound fat corrected milk response due […]
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