Dan Luepkes, High Yield Corn Warrior

March 13, 2020

“There are not many products that I use on every acre but QLF BOOST is one of them.”

Dan Luepkes owns and operates Luepkes Enterprises located in Chana, IL. Dan is a proud 5th generation farmer who is determined to leave his land in better condition than when he bought it. He believes in putting nutrients back into the soil and feeding soil biology is the most important idea of growing a healthy crop and a sustainable farm.

As high yield grower in the Midwest, Luepkes pays special attention to the finer details of growing a crop, including what is happening under and around the plant. Millions of bugs in the soil create an environment around the root base in which is critical for a healthy root and plant system. Bugs in the soil feed off of nutrients to stimulate the rhizosphere and nourish the plant with easily digestible resources like carbon. “We are able to feed our microbiology in the soil by using the sugars and the carbon sources from QLF BOOST”

Dan and his farm are the perfect example of how versatile L-CBF products are. L-CBF products were designed to go through all equipment structures and all placements to fit the growers needs and program design. “We use a lot of BOOST. We use it on the planter in two different applications, in the sprayer as well as in a Y-Drop application.” By varying the placement and application of the products, Dan is able to maximize his yield and efficiency results. “Not only is BOOST helping my soil, it also serves as drift control which makes my farm more efficient and effective,” Dan said. “QLF BOOST it does it all. It is a multi-purpose product.”

Dan has participated in National and State-Level High Yield Competitions for many years. He has earned 1st place for four consecutive years in the IL NCGA Irrigated Division and has many Top 3 placings in regional contests. Dan knows that high yields start in the ground with healthy soil and the right conditions. He prides himself on the strides he has taken on his farm in improving the soil. “Since we started using QLF BOOST, we have been seeing a higher yield level on both our corn and soybeans.”  Dan said, “QLF BOOST in combination with our other products has allowed us to go to the next level in yields.”


Click here to watch Dan Luepkes’ Experience with L-CBF BOOST

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