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Cold Weather Reminders!

November 5, 2020

Lisa Davis, MS

Dairy Product Manager

by Lisa Davis, Dairy Product Manager

Did you know that QLF Molasses-based liquid feeds can be successfully fed 365 days per year, even in the cold weather?  While product flow may be slower on the coldest days, many customers have successfully pumped product through extreme cold conditions.  Here are several suggestions to help make sure the cows receive benefits from QLF on even the coldest days of the year:

  • Inventory:  Keep storage tanks at least 20% full – cold weather effects are magnified when product inventory is low!
  • Protect:  Insulate, and heat cable lines exposed to cold air.  Product temperature in non-insulated hoses will be essentially the same as ambient temperature.  So, when it’s -12 °F outside, product in non-insulated hoses will be very cold, and may appear to be frozen.  Use of insulation and heat cable keeps product at a flowable temperature in cold weather.
  • Reversing Switch:  Use the reversing switch on gear pumps daily.  This empties hoses back into the tank, helping prevent product from freezing in the hoses.
  • Position electrical cords to allow easy access and safe foot traffic near the pump and hoses.  Check cords weekly to make sure they are securely plugged into electrical outlets.  Check cords daily in periods of extreme cold.  Protect outdoor electrical outlets and cord connections from moisture.  Shelter pumps from cold winds.
  • Recirculate:  Use recirculation daily for 10-15 minutes.  Circulating product inventory keep the liquid supplement fluid and flowable in cold temperatures.
  • Product selection/ handling additions:  Use of a urea-containing liquid supplement helps flowability in cold temperatures.  Handling additions such as surfactant, and sulfuric acid may be added-on to some products at the time of order, to help enhance winter flow.
  • Maintenance:  Monitor pump and hose condition to help optimize equipment performance in cold weather.

Contact your local QLF representative for assistance with each of the above items.

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