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Bundling QLF Feed & Agronomy to Increase ROI on Your Farm

April 17, 2020

The soil is a lot like a cow’s stomach. While the bugs in the rumen stimulate microbes in the stomach, bugs in the soil stimulate the organisms around the rhizosphere and root of the plant. Sugars play a crucial role in these microbes and microscopic organisms doing their part in peaking the performance of the crop and animal.

What could be better than increased performance on your crops OR animals? Increased performance on your crops AND animals, of course! The QLF Feed & Agronomy teams have partnered to study the potential return on investment of applying QLF L-CBF products to your crops and the positive correlation it has on the performance of your livestock.


Our team collected samples from seven farms located across Wisconsin including 20 treated plots, 18 control plots, 150 scissor cuttings and 37 lab samples. Sampling was done 18-35 days after the application. Rates of L-CBF BOOST or L-CBF TerraFed varied between 4-6 gallons. The average ROI across all sample locations equaled $29.67 per acre based on yield performance. QLF’s L-CBF products were also proven to impact Relative Forage Quality (RFQ) by 36 points. Feeding nutrient-dense forages to livestock results in increased digestibility and higher animal performance.

Corn Silage

Our team applied L-CBF BOOST & L-CBF 7-21-3 MKP every other 12-row pass to corn in two pivots. L-CBF BOOST was added at strip-till with nitrogen and manure, and L-CBF 7-21-3 was added at 5 gallons per acre at planting. Root samples taken at V3 showed much larger and more consistent root mass for plants treated compared to untreated plants. Tissue testing done at V5 showed a statistically higher uptake of potassium and sulfur, and a higher numerical increase in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and zinc. The treated corn yielded 0.7 tons/acre more than untreated plants. Treated corn also had an increase in forage quality. Green chop samples showed an increase in NDFd and a decrease in uNDF. An increase in fiber digestibility was also carried over into the ensiled crop and showed 5% more digestible fiber per acre when combining yield and fiber digestibility. The uNDF in the treated silage was decreased by 1 full unit. When balancing a ration this change accounted for a 1.2 lb increase in milk production with the same DMI.

Don’t forget about QLF’s Feed & Fertilizer Bundle Program! Producers that purchase QLF Liquid Feed Supplements can receive a $20/ton QLF feed credit for every fertilizer ton purchased. This promotion runs from January 1st-August 1st, 2020. Customers must place a minimum of 6-ton farm drops to qualify. Contact your local QLF Feed or Agronomy Representative for more information!

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