Banded Fertilizer Makes Big Yields

September 21, 2020

by Jordan Johnson, Agronomy Coordinator

After completing 6 years of replicated data, the addition of QLF L-CBF (liquid carbon-based fertilizer) in a band has continued to prove the application creates higher yields. The list of terminology used and tools to create a fertilizer band is long. Here is a short list of common terms and placements used: In Furrow Pop-up, Starter, 2X0, 2X2, 2x2x2, Strip-Till Deep Band, and Y-Drop, just to name a few.

The goal of banded fertilizer is to place the nutrients close enough to the seed and roots to provide an opportunity for luxury consumption and limit the opportunity for the soil to make the nutrients insoluble, all while not being detrimental to root growth and development.  L-CBF BOOST has improved the availability, increased nutrient uptake, and created bigger yield when applied with common liquid fertilizers such as 32% Urea Ammonium Nitrate, 10-34-0 Ammonium Poly Phosphate 12-0-0-26S, Ammonium Thiosulfate, and several lower salt starters like 6-24-6.

QLF’s BOOST was applied at a 10 % inclusion rate along with 32% UAN with a Y -Drop-in Clarion, IA for 3 yrs. L-CBF BOOST added to UAN treatments produced on average 6.3 Bu more than  UAN alone. The other impressive fact is yields of 195 -232 bu/acre were achieved with 94-133 lbs of total applied nitrogen. The highest yields were actually achieved on the lowest levels of applied nitrogen. L-CBF BOOST along with a split application of nitrogen and placement clearly helped improve the use efficiency of the applied nitrogen.

Three years of University of Illinois research proved that starter fertilizer bands of 6-24-6 and 10-34-0 all could produce better yield with the inclusion of L-CBF BOOST.  In 2015 the inclusion of 1 gallon of L-CBF BOOST with 10-34-0 provided an 8-bushel response.  The following year in 2016 a 4-bushel response was recorded with an addition of 1-gallon of L-CBF BOOST with a higher quality 6-24-6 product.  Again in 2017 another consecutive win of 10 bushels better was realized with 2 gallons of BOOST added with 3 gallons per acre of 6-24-6 versus just 6-24-6 alone.

In 2019, L-CBF BOOST was tested in Aurora, Nebraska. The control recieved 100lbs of pre-plant nitrogen along with 7 gallons of 32% in a 2X2 band at planting.  Harvested yields for the plot ranged from 212-242 bushels.  Adding additional nutrients from the combination of products such as APP 10-34-0, ATS 12-0-0-26S, and BOOST 4-0-3-2S to the band of UAN 32% gave this corn trial an additional 29-bushels per acre response.  The impressive conclusion was no matter what fertilizer products got added to the blend, the inclusion of L-CBF BOOST pulled all yields up for all treatments. Adding L-CBF BOOST to banded fertilizer placements brought an additional 6-bushel response when compared to added 10-34-0 and ATS alone.

Banding nutrients to improve efficiencies is gaining more interest in crop production. Taking a carbon-based approach and working with QLF L-CBF products fosters a better working relationship with biology to enhance plant nutrient availability and improves the performance and recovery of these concentrated nutrient placements. If you are not currently set up to capture these efficiencies and to utilize a QLF Agronomy’s  L-CBF Fertilizer product or are looking to upgrade your current setup, take a look at our equipment rebate program.  Perhaps you are looking to upgrade your current liquid fertilizer planting, spraying and storage set-ups. The Deadline is November 1st to enroll your 2020 purchases. Ask your local Regional Agronomy Sales Manager for more details.

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