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Add More Value to Your Fungicide pass with L-CBF Amino15

June 24, 2022

Evan Hansen

Regional Sales Agronomist IA/MN


Evan Hansen, Regional Sales Agronomist IA MN

When we begin to look at plant stresses, diseases, and disorders it is inevitable that all have a negative impact on yield potential. Historically, it has been common practice to crop scout through the season or following a weather event to determine which measure should be taken to protect corn yield. However, often times once symptoms are noticed and treatment is applied, we have already jeopardized crop yield. This has made it increasingly apparent that building a healthy more robust plant early in the growing season will insure lower risk when disease sets in.

As the importance of late season plant health is observed we turn to the tool box containing our opportunities to make an impact. Selecting a hybrid with disease resistance to fit your application, and a strong stay green characteristic along with applying a foliar fungicide are arguably the two most common modes to promote plant health. QLF Agronomy has continually shown that there is a substantial benefit to utilizing efficient, balanced nutrition as another opportunity to promote plant health through the growing season. L-CBF Amino15 is a versatile foliar nitrogen source containing not only an L-Amino Acid nitrogen form, but also complex carbon sources unique to the L-CBF line of products. Proven tank compatibility creates corn application windows at both V4-VE and VT-R2, simple and effective.

The following handful of key benefits make L-CBF Amino15 a high-performance foliar nitrogen source. L-form amino acids are advantageous for corn performance as they can be utilized without additional energy consumption. Second, the presence of complex carbon sources allows for application at higher rates without the risk of crop injury. Lastly, a slightly acidic pH compliments tank mix partners and promotes cuticle penetration.

Multi-year trials across Iowa and Illinois have displayed the advantages of utilizing L-CBF Amino15 in a foliar application. In years 2020 and 2021 Amino15 was put through trials at Precision Planting’s Precision Technology Institute (P.T.I. Farm) in Pontiac, IL. VT application at three gallons per acre has shown a 5.9 bushels per acre response over fungicide alone, and a four-gallon rate has added 9.4 bushels. The consistency of these results can be seen as we look at trials across Iowa. During the 2021 growing season, an R1 application in Northwest Iowa at 3 gallons per acre proved to be 6 bushels per acre better than fungicide alone. Along with additional yield, ease of harvest was noted as plant intactness improved. These yield results generate a return on investment of over $30.00 per acre.

Yield increases are complimented by further benefits of utilizing QLF L-CBF products in a tank mix. One being effective control of drift, where a full rate (3 gal/acre) of Amino15 has proven to increase droplet uniformity and reduce drift volume by 7% in wind tunnel research. Increased coverage and humectant properties will also be observed to help ensure you get the most out of all chemistry in your tank mix. Contact your local QLF representative to see the performance of L-CBF Amino15 this season.

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