Do you have a plan in place to combat mold in your TMR?

May 8, 2015

The high moisture content of TMR’s make them highly susceptible to rapid mold and yeast growth and then, subsequent spoilage.  The heating that occurs due to mold and yeast growth can be prevented with the addition of MYCO CURB® brand and Ultra CURB® brand mold inhibitors to your TMR.  Things to consider when selecting a mold inhibitor:

TMR Moisture-Just as important as silage moisture at the time of harvest, the moisture of the complete TMR will create an environment that can accelerate mold and yeast growth.

Environmental Temperature- Consider the highest temperature the mixed TMR is exposed to in the bunk or TMR wagon during storage between feedings.

Forage & Grain Quality– High moisture, ensiled forages and grain are incorporated into nearly all TMR’s.  Typically, these farm stored feedstuffs are well preserved and palatable feeds.  They can, however, contribute to heating and molding under certain conditions.  The guidelines below are general Quality Scores to quantify when those conditions may exist.

  • Quality Score 1 – Excellent ensiled quality, ambient temperature, no visible mold/yeast contamination.
  • Quality Score 2 – Good ensiled quality, greater than ambient temperature, visible mold/yeast contamination
  • Quality Score 3 – Fair/poor ensiled quality, greater than ambient temperature, visible mold/yeast contamination.

Vulnerable Ingredients – Some TMR ingredients are more vulnerable to mold or yeast growth because of their high moisture content.  These ingredients may experience stability issues even before mixed into a TMR.

  • Wet corn Distillers Grain
  • Wet Brewers Grains
  • Wet Corn Gluten Feed
  • Milling By-Products
  • Whole Cottonseed

TMR’s contaminated with molds reduce animal performance, feed intake, milk production efficiency and increase production cost.  Quality Liquid Feeds offers custom addition of MYCO CURB and Ultra CURB mold and yeast inhibitors to extend ration freshness and palatability.

QLF Liquid Supplements with a mold inhibitor:

  • Convenient-no bags or handling of dry preservative
  • Improves Distribution
  • Improves Palatability
  • Archive