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5 Keys to Improving Your Feed Efficiency

April 7, 2015

Are you looking for ways to improve your feed efficiency?  Find out how feeding a molasses based liquid supplement can help you achieve this.

Improves Profit Potential: Research shows the most profitable response to feeding sugar is a total diet level of 6-8% of ration Dry Matter. Molasses-based liquid supplements deliver a consistent, high quality sugar source.
Improves Fiber Digestibility: Feeding molasses based liquid supplements at recommended levels increases fiber digestibility.
– Allows dairy producers to maintain milk production on higher forage diets.
– Higher forage diets lead to better rumen efficiency, production of milk with higher components and cows with less health issues.
– Sugars stimulate fiber digesting bacteria more effectively than starch.

Improves Milk Efficiency – More Milk – Less Feed: Feeding molasses based liquid supplements can improve milk efficiency. How?
– Enhanced fiber digestion.
– Less sorting – QLF supplements stick small diet particles to larger ones. Less sorting activity means better rumen efficiency and less feed waste.

Enhances a Precision Feeding Strategy: Nutrients and additives in QLF products are distributed evenly throughout the product, into the TMR, along the feed bunk and into the cow. QLF products are an excellent method to deliver low inclusion additives like Rumensin®, Yeast Culture, Organic Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, Biotin, etc., so each animal receives their proper dose.

Benefit from every pound of liquid supplement you buy: Because of the closed handling system, there is virtually no shrink. Reduce overall feed shrink and reduce weigh backs by using a molasses based supplement in your TMR

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