2019 Corn Silage Challenges: How QLF Can Help!

October 15, 2019

by Lisa Davis, Dairy Product Manager



Carbs Needed!

Immature corn silage is low in starch, and supplemental rapidly-available carbohydrates are needed.  Sugars in QLF provide quick energy to rumen bacteria, complementing rumen-available nitrogen to improve microbial protein production.  The most profitable response to feeding sugar is a total diet level of 6-8% of ration dry matter.

Lots of Fiber

Since immature corn silage is high in NDF/ADF, diet fiber levels elevate quickly, increasing rumen fill and slowing microbial growth.  Likewise, warm-season annuals and small grain silages provide economical forage dry matter and fiber, but minimal starch.  Sugars and protein in QLF products improve microbial growth & fiber digestibility to provide more energy from immature corn silage and alternative forages!

Moisture Challenges

Corn silage moisture may be 75-80% in some areas.  High moisture silage limits intake, due to rumen fill.  Most QLF Dairy TMR products are 35-38% moisture, providing high levels of digestible dry matter to the TMR.  QLF liquid supplements increase ration nutrient density and encourage DMI through improved forage digestion!

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

In many areas, 2019 corn silage feeding quality will be highly variable.  Seepage losses carry away soluble nutrients, reducing silage nutritive value, consistency and palatability.  Frequent moisture testing, nutrient analyses, and ration adjustments are needed to maintain DMI, milk, and component production.  Use QLF at 4-6 lbs/day to consistently maximize TMR palatability, daily nutrient provision, and rumen efficiency.

Maximize Intake

Addition of straw or dry hay to the TMR helps balance ration moisture levels.  Molasses-based liquid supplements reduce ration sorting and enhance long particle intake, providing more energy to the cows from all dietary forages!

Fine-Tuning Helps!

Forage challenges require special attention to dietary nutrient and additive provision.  Sugars, protein, macro- and micro-nutrients, and specialty additives in QLF are distributed evenly within the product and into the TMR.  Nutrients and additives provided by QLF are consumed in each bite of TMR, maximizing its feeding value!

Time to Try QLF!

With butterfat and protein prices rising, it’s time to get the most out of the ration and maximize profit.  QLF enhances forage digestibility, ration consistency, and intake, to reduce sorting and TMR waste.  There is virtually no shrink of QLF, since product is stored in closed handling systems.  Every lb of QLF helps improve efficiency of the feeding program!


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