QLF Ignite Equine Complete cooked low moisture blocks are convenient and easy-to-use to make certain your horses are getting what they need-when they need it.  The Ignite Equine Complete tub comes in a 25, 60, 125 & 200 pound tubs.

QLF’s Ignite Equine Complete protein supplement is specifically designed to effectively deliver nutrients needed for optimum equine performance. The Ignite Equine products supports proper nutritional functions in all classes of working and performance horses.

Support Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How many horses will one QLF Ignite Equine Complete tub feed?

Place one – 125# or 200# tub to every 5-7 head of horses and one – 60# tub to every 2 to 4 head of horses.  The amount of surface area to the number of horses is important.

How much of the QLF Ignite Equine Complete tub will my horse eat?

Intake of these supplements will vary, depending on the quality of forages, pasture conditions and/or nutritional need.

Where should I place my QLF Ignite Equine Complete tub?

In areas with extreme heat, place tub in the shade.  Once horses are familiar with the QLF Ignite Equine Complete tub, place tub away from water supply and away from where animals congregate.