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Enhance Your Herd’s Nutrition

Proper supplementation of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals is always important but particularly as we move into mid-late summer. Why?

Grass and pasture quality is declining:

  • Proper protein supplementation is needed to maintain forage intake and digestion levels. Also, the grazed forage is meeting fewer mineral, trace mineral and vitamin needs.

Animal needs are increasing:

  • Spring-calving cows need to keep up milk production, deal with the after effects of heat stress, and maintain pregnancy. Fall-calving herds are entering the high demand
    period of late gestation.

Cows must maintain condition:

  • Reducing BCS (Body Condition Score) in spring calvers can lead to reduced calf performance and rebreeding efficiency next spring. Fall-calving cows losing condition during late pregnancy will rebreed later, or not at all, and produce less milk.

If we delay supplementation until late fall or winter . . .
Cow production can suffer when body condition fluctuates widely. Cows may play “catch-up” when supplement is first provided, resulting in greater total supplement intake than if supplement were offered earlier.

Supplementation Goals:

  • Maximize utilization of available,lowquality
  • Provide other needed nutrients.
  • Support economic levels of production.

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