QLF Ignite The Hunt Deer Product Line (also works for hogs and bears)

QLF offers a full line of deer attractants and supplements to fit the needs of avid hunters.  QLF Ignite The Hunt innovative products can be fed year round to maintain a healthy herd, encourage antler growth and attract deer.

Hang, place or pour Ignite products where you want deer to frequent.  Ignite products last for weeks and peak a deer senses, keeping them coming back.  Establish a daily feed site with Ignite supplements filled with Natural ingredients.  Ignite supplement products are packed with nutrition, using molasses, protein, minerals and more to increase antler growth and bone development year round.

·         Controlled, Consistent Consumption

·         Long Lasting, Cooked Attractant

·         Vitamin & Mineral Fortified (supplement products)

·         Highly Palatable

·         Weather Resistant

·         Proven Attraction

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