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Body Condition Score Counts at Breeding

Balanced nutrition is essential for optimizing herd productivity and profitability in cow/calf operations. During the post-calving period, nutrient demands are at their peak.  Cows have entered peak lactation, repairing reproductive tissues, and are preparing for rebreeding.   To maintain efficient productivity, cows must rebreed within 80-85 days post-calving to sustain a 365-day calving interval.

Research indicates that body energy reserves at calving significantly influence pregnancy rates (DeRouen et al., 1994). Body condition score (BCS) is a pivotal factor, correlating with various reproductive events and ultimately impacting producer profitability.

  • Cows with a BCS 4 at calving rebred 10-18 days later than those with BCS of 5 or greater.
  • As calving BCS increased so did overall pregnancy rates in a 3-month breeding season.

Cows with a body condition score of 5 or higher calve earlier and wean heavier, more uniform calves.  Each heat cycle contributes approximately 50 pounds of weaning weight.

In forage-based systems, effective supplementation plays a vital role in improving nutrition, body condition, and reproductive performance. Supplements tailored to rumen microbes enhance forage utilization, stimulate intake and digestion, and provide essential nutrition directly to the animal.

QLF liquid and Ignite tub supplements, formulated with ruminally-available energy and protein, synergize with the roughage diet to meet cows’ nutritional requirements. Their practicality, convenience, and economic value make them a cost-effective investment for beef producers aiming to optimize production.

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