Liquid Feed Supplements for Dairy

Liquid feed supplements are nutrient dense, and conveniently applied in TMR's to enhance ration utilization by:

  • Stimulating rumen function
  • Improving fiber digestibility
  • Reducing ration sorting
  • Enhancing feed intake
  • Adding palatability

Liquid Feed Supplements for Lactating Cows

Liquid Feed Supplements provide rumen-available carbohydrate, through sugars, and protein from natural and non-protein nitrogen sources.

Using a liquid feed supplement in a lactation TMR to achieve optimal carbohydrate and degradable protein balance in the rumen helps enhance dry matter intake and milk production.


Source: Journal of Dairy Science 91:1969-1984.

Liquid Feed Supplements for Dry Cows

Enhancing intake consistency during the dry period helps cows transition more smoothly into lactation. Liquid feed supplements are a palatable, nutritious method to enhance forage digestion and encourage dry matter intake during the dry period. In addition, liquid supplements can deliver and distribute needed micronutrients and additives in the ration, reducing ration separation and feeding losses.

Bird's Nest Ration

Feed Supplements to Help Development of Heifers

QLF's Heifer Developers are formulated to provide nutrients to meet growth goals and also to enhance development of:

  • the skeleton – (including the hoof) by providing highly available sources of calcium, phosphorus, trace minerals and vitamins.

  • the rumen – by encouraging intake and digestion of high forage diets by providing molasses and non-protein nitrogen to stimulate the growth of cellulose digesting microorganisms.

QLF Liquid feed supplements are nutrient dense, conveniently applied and an ideal medium to incorporate feed ingredients & additives like:

  • Fat
  • Vitamins
  • Trace minerals
  • Yeast cultures
  • Mold inhibitors
  • Ionophores

Other QLF Products Include:

spacer Product Availability Varies by Plant

Product List:
Dairy Heifer
Dairy Heifer Complete 4018310
Dairy Heifer Core 5618233
Dairy Heifer Developer 2818232
Energizer Products
Energizer 36-1611401
Energizer 4-1511121
Energizer 4-1911001
Dry Cow Optimizer 2018640
Optimizer 15 Base 3.018401
Optimizer 25 Base 3.518402
Optimizer 30 Base 4.018403
Silage Additive Products
Silage 100C-P4107
Silage 100CW4103
Total Mixed Rations
Dairy SUGR 354780
Dairy SUGR 384781
Dairy SUGR 414782
Dairy TMR 155415
Dairy TMR 205420
Dairy TMR 20-205430
Dairy TMR 305456
Dairy TMR 405457
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